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Get Rid of Your Cricket Problem

How bad can crickets be? You may like to fall asleep to their nighttime chirping, but if they get into your home or building they can be a nuisance or worse. We have two types in our area: the cute field cricket that looks like Disney’s “Jiminy Cricket,” and the prehistoric-looking “camel” or “cave” cricket. Field varieties are relatively easy to control; the camel or cave varieties are harder. Camel crickets are usually found in woodpiles, mulch, or even wells (which they can pollute, leading to a larger infestation by attracting other pests). If they make their way into a home, they will find similar spots such as utility rooms, basements, a garage, or a crawl space. Though they pose no human health threats, they will eat and destroy fabrics such as clothing and draperies. A cricket’s entry into your living space is not just seasonal. Call us to help you determine what kind of cricket problem you’re dealing with.

PestNow's 4 Season Prescription

Houses are like people,
they get sick too.

It takes specially trained people to recognize the symptoms and prescribe the proper cure. Treating your home should be as important as treating the people that live in that home.

Why multiple treatments?

Pest control is based on science, not magic. Most re-infesting pests such as roaches, ants, mice etc. go through different stages of life once they infest a structure. One treatment will not disrupt the life cycle of the pest.

The PestNow ‘4 Seasons Prescription’ is the most effective treatment on the market today.

The PestNow ‘4 Seasons Prescription’ is designed to address the target pest on the first visit by treating the interior/exterior of the structure. The follow-up treatments (spaced out at 90-day intervals) are exterior only unless the interior needs further attention.

This method keeps the product outside while still addressing the interior. Keeping the product outside is our primary goal and is all part of the prescription. Interior treatments, when needed, are never an extra charge.

Every 90 days the exterior of the structure is treated to reduce the population and provide a safe and effective barrier. You do not even have to be home for this service, which frees up your schedule while we take care of your home.

Get Pest Help Now!

Call us at (804) 292-2790 or Message Us Below