5 Reasons Why You Need Pest Control All Year Long

A lot of home and property owners tend to call a professional pest company to protect their home when they notice that they have some sort of problem going on. What people don’t realize is that pest problems are something that you should try to take a proactive approach about. Instead of waiting until damage has occurred, you can develop a pest control plan with the help of a reputable pest control company in the Central Virginia area. Let’s talk about five reasons why you need pest control all year long.

#1 – Staying Ahead of the Game

It’s inevitable that you’ll face some sort of pest infestation at some point. For some people this can be a common issue like a bee nest or a large population of ants in your house. For others, there are more serious situations that can occur. Whether you’re dealing with a bee population or are in need of termite control, it pays to stay ahead of the game. Having certain treatments applied around your home and property year round can stop pests in their tracks before they decide to invite themselves inside or in inconvenient areas.

#2 – Pests Are Dangerous to Your Health

Unfortunately, common household pests can carry dangerous diseases that can be transferred to you and your family. For example, ticks can carry Lyme disease, and mosquito bites can make you sick with yellow fever, the Zika virus or the West Nile virus. Once you have a pest problem in your home, you’re at risk of disease. You may already have a health issue that you haven’t become symptomatic for yet. Just like you take a preventive approach with healthcare by scheduling routine physicals for yourself and your children, you should schedule preventive pest maintenance to keep these unwanted house guests in check before they make you sick.

brown rat next to a white plate covered with cockroaches

#3 – Sticking With Regular Intervals

When you’re in touch with a pest control company in Central Virginia, you’ll be placed on a set schedule where certain products will be applied at regular intervals. This makes the process more effective, rather than coming in and trying to perform damage control once pests have already made nests in your home and are reproducing. If you have any residual bugs that have been left behind because they’re dormant, year-round pest control can prevent a re-infestation from occurring.

#4 – Taking Care of Your Home and Property

There are certain insects that are a nuisance but don’t necessarily cause damage to your home. Then there are insects that can cause rampant damage in an incredibly short amount of time. Termites and carpenter ants have the ability to quickly damage the wood framing of your home. Termites will eat the wood, while carpenter ants will burrow deep into this wood and make nests. They quickly reproduce, and you could be faced with a very expensive and involved home renovation project to get things back under control. Pest control will make sure that this problem never happens again, but you can also use termite control and other processes to prevent an issue from ever occurring in the first place. Unfortunately, a lot of these damaging bugs will hide deep inside the structure of your home. You don’t know about damage until it’s really far along.

Box Elder bugs swarm and infest the siding of a house in the fall

#5 – Increasing the Value of Your Home

When you’ve been keeping up on regular pest maintenance for years and have never had a problem of any kind, this shows in the quality and value of your home. If you were to ever sell your property, a home inspection may be able to spot previous damage caused by pests. This could decrease the value of your home. Rather, being able to prove that you’ve utilized a pest control service on an ongoing basis and have a home that’s free of damage can really increase your home’s overall price point.

Wood eaten by termites

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